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Board guidelines and procedures for the acceptance of gifts.  

Policy Manual
PSBA Procedures
January 10, 2017

The district appreciates all gifts, grants and donations given to the schools to support and supplement the district’s educational programs and student activities program.
All gifts accepted by the district will become the property of the district.
In deciding whether to accept a gift, grant or donation, the Board and Superintendent will minimally consider whether the contribution will further the established goals, whether it will be useful and be used, whether it is appropriate for the school environment, and whether it will unequally distribute resources within the district.
In general, the Superintendent is authorized to accept gifts, grants and donations to the district, but the Board must take action to accept all contributions that require ongoing annual service, a maintenance fee, significant personnel time, initial or continuing financial commitments for the district, and gifts of real property.
The Superintendent will ensure that no gift will be accepted without verification that there are no encumbrances against the gift.
The use of any gift, grant or donation not designated by the donor will be determined by the Superintendent and designated administrators, after appropriate consultation with the donor.
Gifts, grants or donations for a particular school, department or activity must be approved by the building principal or immediate supervisor and forwarded to the Superintendent for final approval.
The district will make every attempt to keep equipment purchased for a particular building or program within that building or program for which it was purchased but reserves the right to make changes when necessary.
School district employees will refuse to accept any gifts, grants or donations that have not been processed and approved in accordance with Board policy and district administrative regulations.
  1. An individual, group or agency requesting to donate gifts, grants or donations to support the district’s educational or student activities programs must submit their intentions in writing to the Superintendent.
  2. The requesting donor must complete the Intent To Give Gift/Grant/Donation Form and submit the form to the Superintendent.
  3. The Superintendent will review the request, evaluate its appropriateness, and approve or reject the request.
  4. Upon receipt of the gift, grant or donation, the Superintendent will direct the appropriate staff to receive the contribution and ensure it is distributed as directed.
  5. The Superintendent will report the gift, grant or donation to the Board at a public meeting and will acknowledge the donor.
  6. The Superintendent will direct staff to send an acknowledgement and thank you to the donor.