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Mission Statement

The Scranton School District seeks to provide every child, regardless of national origin or native language an education that is meaningful and comprehensive. Students who are English Learners (ELs) are provided instructional services through an English Language Development (ELD) program which is designed to meet their unique needs. The program promotes future success through education, inspiration and empowerment. 

Program Description

The English Language Development (ELD) instruction is provided by a certified ELD teacher with the goal of increasing language development and proficiency. Content teachers deliver content embedded ELD in structured collaboration with a certified ELD teacher providing helpful tips and advice to content teachers periodically. All content teachers are provided the ELD standards provided the ELD standards, which the teachers are to implement in their daily lesson plans.

Using a sheltered English immersion approach at the secondary level, the district provides instruction entirely in English, but in self-contained classrooms. ELD classes supplement core English courses and are aligned with state standards. ELD classes are aligned to the core English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum and offer both intervention and supports for EL learners. A pull-out program at the elementary level provides instruction in small group settings. Elementary buildings use a push-in program to support the students in the ELA classes. All ELD instruction is aligned to the ELA curriculum. When not receiving ELD services, students are mainstreamed into regular education classrooms.