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Next Scheduled Meeting:

December 20, 2022

Financial Recovery Advisory Committee

The sole purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide recommendations and feedback to the Chief Recovery Officer on the development and implementation of the Scranton School District financial recovery plan. Meetings will be held monthly. Members of the Advisory Committee will serve without compensation.

Committee Members

Dr. Candis Finan - Chief Recovery Officer 

Missy McTiernan - SSD Superintendent of Schools

Patrick Laffy - SSD Business Manager 

Ann Grebeck - SSD Director of Elementary/Federal Programs

Robert Gentilezza - SSD Director of Compliance

Julie Maloney - SSD Supervisor of Transportation and Technology

Robert Rucker - SSD Director of Operations

Kevin Kearney - SSD Assistant Supervisor of Transportation, Operations, & Asset Management

Luann Henehan - SSD Building Supervisor (Scranton High School)

Al O'Donnell - SSD Elementary School Principal

Rosemary Boland - SFT President

Kevin Williams - NEIU Director of Educational Technology

Dr. Christopher Shaffer - Abington Heights Superintendent of Schools

Mr. John Marsico - Howard Gardner School Business Manager

The Honorable Thomas Welby - PA house of Representatives

The Honorable Kyle J. Mullins-  PA House of Representatives

The Honorable Marty Flynn - PA State Senate

Jessica Eskra, Esquire - Solicitor for the City of Scranton

Joseph O'Brien - Mayor's Representative for the City of Scranton

Gus Fahey - Community Representative

Maria Stanton- Community Representative

Roseann Polishan - Special Education Advocate

 Scranton School District Board of Directors

Tara Yanni - President

Ro Hume - Vice President

Danielle Chesek 

Carol Cleary

Sarah Cruz

Catherine Fox

Katie Gilmartin

Ty Holmes

Sean McAndrew


Ian Tyson - Senior Managing Consultant, PFM Group Consulting LLC

Malik Jarvis - Analyst, Budgeting & and Consulting  - PFM                   

Nicole Westerman - Reporting on Capital Projects - PFM


The Advisory Committee for the Recovery Plan met online on April 30, 2020. After introductions, the Chief Recovery Officer (CRO) provided a review of the Scranton School District’s calendar year budget which begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. The 5-year Recovery Plan’s Fundamental Initiatives were reviewed.

From Dr. Candis Finan:

How do we Balance the Budgets for 5 years, Pay all the Bills in a timely manner and provide pay raises (either CPI--2.2%) for all groups, and fix the critical capital projects necessary for keeping the doors open and not cut programs or personnel? 

 I discussed how raises could be provided if cuts were made to healthcare spending and increasing teacher loads at the high schools, reducing all overtime and extra duty pay and asking everyone to not get paid for 5 days for 2019-2020.  It is a real bargain!  Even with all that (which would have to be approved by the unions, SSD could just balance the budgets from 2019-2024.

Meeting Video Recordings

SSD Recovery Plan