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Dr. Carol Saylor
Chief Recovery Officer 
☎️ (570) 348-3400 Option 8
Dr. Erin Keating
Superintendent of Schools
☎️ (570) 348-3400 - Option 8
Robert DeLuca 
Director of Leadership and Accountability
☎️ (570) 348-3400 - Option 4
  • I am the Director of Leadership and Accountability. I am responsible for leading our principals and supervising the daily operations of each of our schools. If you have any inquiries about traditional school affairs, please direct them to me. 
Robert Gentilezza
Director of Compliance
☎️ (570) 348-3400 - Option 4
  • I am the Director of Compliance.  I am responsible for overseeing student services, school testing & data, policy, and discipline.  I also serve as the Scranton School District’s Open Records Officer (OOR).  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Ann Grebeck
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
☎️ (570) 348-3400 - Option 4
  • I am the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Federal Programs.  I am responsible for overseeing ongoing curriculum writing for all subject areas K-12. I monitor student benchmark data with principals to promote the use of instructional practices. I coordinate the district’s professional development as it relates to curriculum and development and the use of research based strategies.   If you have any inquiries about curriculum and instruction please direct them to me at 570-348-3400 Option #4.
Ann Genett
Director of Special Education and Support Services 
☎️ (570) 348-3400 - Option 3
  • I am the Director of Special Education and Support Services.  I am responsible for planning, coordinating, organizing, and administering the Special Education Program and Support Services.  I consult, inform, and support Administrators and school personnel to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations as they pertain to Chapters 14, 15, and 16 regulations. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to Special Education or any of the Related Services we provide, please feel free to contact me at 570-348-3400 Option #3.
Kevin Kearney
School Safety and Security Coordinator
☎️ (570) 348-3400 - Option 6
  • I am the School Safety and Security Coordinator for the Scranton School District. I am responsible for overseeing all school police officers (SPOs), school resource officers (SROs), school security officers (SSOs), and Policies and Procedures related to School Safety and Security in the Scranton School District.  I coordinate training and resources for students and District employees; oversee emergency procedures and training drills, coordinate school safety and security assessments as necessary and required.  I serve as the District’s liaison to law enforcement agencies and other organizations on matters of school safety and security, and I oversee the District-wide security program.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Robert Rucker
Director of Operations
☎️ (570) 348-3400 - Option 6
  • As the Director of Facilities, Grounds, and Operations for the Scranton School District, my role is to oversee the maintenance and management of the district's physical infrastructure. This includes ensuring the cleanliness, safety, and functionality of buildings, classrooms, and outdoor spaces. I collaborate with a team of maintenance personnel, custodians, and groundskeepers to develop maintenance schedules, conduct inspections, and coordinate repairs and renovations. Additionally, I manage the district's operations, enforce policies, and ensure compliance with regulations. Budgeting, resource management, and liaising with external stakeholders are also part of my responsibilities. Ultimately, my goal is to create a conducive learning environment that supports academic excellence for students, teachers, and staff.
Robert Rucker
Director of Information Technology
☎️ (570) 348-3400 - Option 6
  • As the Director of Information Technology for the Scranton School District, my responsibility is to oversee and manage all aspects of our technology infrastructure and operations. This involves developing and implementing a comprehensive technology plan, analyzing current systems, and strategizing ways to enhance teaching and learning through technology. I manage the network infrastructure, install and maintain hardware and software, and ensure data security through policies, firewalls, and audits. I lead a team of IT professionals and work with other departments to integrate technology into their operations. Additionally, I stay updated with the latest educational technology trends and explore innovative solutions for our district, aiming to create a robust, secure, and user-friendly technology environment that benefits our entire school community.
Patrick Laffey
Business Manager
☎️ (570) 348-3400 - Option 7
  • I am the Business Manager, and I am responsible for budget development, oversight, and management of the business functions of the District, including financial reporting, accounts payable, purchasing, payroll, and food service operations. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the business functions of the District, please feel free to contact me at 570-348-3400, Option #7. Alternatively, you can visit the Scranton School District Business Office page for direct contact information for each department at the following link.