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In accordance with school policy, medication(s) should be given at home before and/or after school. However, when this is not possible, prior to receiving the medication at school, each student must provide the school nurse with a Parent/Guardian consent and a Medication Order from a licensed prescriber. All medication must be in an original prescription bottle/container and labeled from a pharmacy. All medications including over the counter medications need a parent’s consent and a medication order.

These orders must be renewed every school year. The applicable forms may be found below:

Click Here for the General Medication Order Form

Click Here for the Asthma Action Plan

Click Here for the Seizure Action Plan

Click Here for the Allergy Action Plan

Parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for informing the school nurse of any changes in the health and/or medication of the student. When changes occur, the parent(s)/guardian(s) must return a new medication order to the school nurse. All medications not picked up at the end of the school year will be discarded.