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Financial Recovery Advisory Committee

The sole purpose of the Advisory Committee is to provide recommendations and feedback to the Chief Recovery Officer on the development and implementation of the Scranton School District financial recovery plan. Meetings will be held monthly. Members of the Advisory Committee will serve without compensation.

2022-2023 SSD Highlights

2022-2023 Scranton School District Highlights
First page of the PDF file: 6_21_23FinalSSD2022-2023HighlightspresentedattheRecoveryMeetingpptx

SSD Recovery Plan

From Dr. Candis Finan:

How do we Balance the Budgets for 5 years, Pay all the Bills in a timely manner and provide pay raises (either CPI--2.2%) for all groups, and fix the critical capital projects necessary for keeping the doors open and not cut programs or personnel? 

 I discussed how raises could be provided if cuts were made to healthcare spending and increasing teacher loads at the high schools, reducing all overtime and extra duty pay and asking everyone to not get paid for 5 days for 2019-2020.  It is a real bargain!  Even with all that (which would have to be approved by the unions, SSD could just balance the budgets from 2019-2024.