Scranton School District

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Katie Gilmartin - President ~
Catherine Fox - Vice President ~
Michelle Dempsey -
Sean McAndrew -
Gretchen Welby -
Superintendent ~ Melissa McTiernan ~ 570-348-3465 ~
Business Manager - Patrick Laffey ~ 570-348-3496 ~
Solicitor - Attorney John Audi ~ 570-654-2210 ~
School Board Secretary ~ Virginia Orr ~ 570-348-3423 ~
Meetings are subject to change and will be updated on the website.  Due to current pandemic circumstances meetings are held via Zoom.  Public speakers should email the Board Secretary by 2:00pm on the date of the meeting if they wish to speak at  

The regular monthly meetings of the Scranton School Board are scheduled to be held the first (1st ) Monday of each month. The Work Sessions are held the last Monday of each month.
 **Please check the calendar or confirm by contacting the Board Secretary at email**