Scranton School District

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Board of Directors

Katie Gilmartin, President
Catherine Fox, Vice President
Sarah Cruz
Michelle Dempsey
Ro Hume
James Malloy
Sean McAndrew
Gretchen Welby
Tara Yanni
Melissa McTiernan, Superintendent
☎️ 570-348-3465
Patrick Laffey, Business Manager
☎️ 570-348-3496
Attorney John Audi, Solicitor
☎️ 570-654-2210
Virginia Orr, School Board Secretary
☎️ 570-348-3423
Meetings are subject to change and will be updated on the website.  Due to current pandemic circumstances meetings are held via Zoom.  Public speakers should email the Board Secretary by 2:00pm on the date of the meeting if they wish to speak at  
The regular monthly meetings of the Scranton School Board are scheduled to be held the first (1st ) Monday of each month. The Work Sessions are held the last Monday of each month.
 **Please check the calendar or confirm by contacting the Board Secretary at email**