Scranton School District

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Environmental Task Force

The goal of the SSD Environmental Task Force is to learn more about the current lead and asbestos conditions in our schools. This collaborative committee will consist of representatives from the district, board, unions, and representatives from the asbestos consulting firm.
Asbestos Reports
Lead-in-Water Reports
Ventilation Reports
Updates: Administrative
Updates: Environmental

Parent Representatives


Eric Albanese

Richard Cobley

Stephen Knight

Paul Madore

Kevin Werner




Luann Henehan

Bill Orr


SFT Representatives


Dan Walter

Joe Nieroda


Environmental Services Firm


Cocciardi & Associates


District Representatives


Operations Chairperson

Ro Hume


Director of Operations

Mr. Robert Rucker




Board President

Tara Yanni



Mrs. Missy McTiernan


Chief Recovery Officer

Dr. Candis Finan