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Smart Futures

Smart Futures is a Pittsburgh-based non-profit software development organization in the field of education and workforce development. Our mission is to provide schools and education agencies with, an online career planning and portfolio platform that helps all students be ready for post-secondary success. uses Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for Career Education and Work as a blueprint for the software ‘s development. Implemented in hundreds of schools and agencies in our home state, now serves as a proven framework to delivering career planning, skill credentialing, and eMentoring within any classroom in the United States.

The Department of Education now requires Career Planning and Portfolios for every graduating student under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Students will graduate with at least 20 artifacts in their portfolios from interest inventories, to resumes, financial awareness and post secondary planning. There are benchmark years in which certain grades need to have their pieces of evidence completed to help keep them on track.
At the middle school level, our benchmark year is Grade 8. By the time our elementary students leave they are required to have 6 pieces of evidence.  Instead of using paper and pencil the district has opted to use an online tracking site, known as Smart Futures. This online career portfolio allows students to access it while in school or at home. 
Students in grades 6-8 have already been introduced to this website and are familiar with how it works. If you would like your child to work on their career planning and portfolio at home, please use the following login at
  • Username: is their First and Last Initial immediately followed by their Lunch Number. I.e.) km1234567
  • Password: is just their lunch number. I.e.) 1234567
If you have any questions regarding your child’s individual Career Planning and Portfolio, please feel free to contact your guidance counselor.

Please complete activities based on your grade level.


You may complete more activities than what are required, however, please be sure to complete the activities for your grade level at the very least.


If you are an 8th grader, be sure to complete all activities (1,3,4,5,6 and 7) in order to meet the state requirement.


Contact your guidance counselor with any questions regarding the Smart Futures activities and program. Smart Futures is accessed through Clever (under the student tab on SSD website) or Google by going to the Smart Futures Login page and using your SSD Google account.