Scranton School District

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Message from Superintendent Kirijan

Message from Superintendent Kirijan


The Scranton School District takes bullying seriously and has a four-prong approach to address bullying.

Policy: The Board of Education has policies that clearly state the expectations regarding student behavior, which includes bullying. The policy is listed on the district website and is in the student/parent handbook. 

Prevention Education: Each school has programs in place to address culture and climate, as well as bullying. An example is the school wide positive behavior program, which teaches behavioral expectations. Schools also utilize the “Stop, Walk, Talk” approach to bullying and have other programs presented by teachers, School Resource Officers, and guest speakers that address bullying; including cyber bullying. 

Intervention: Parents are contacted and included in forming safety plans utilizing school resources, such as licensed social workers, counselors, community school based behavioral health teams, teachers, and school resource officers. 

Monitoring: The teacher(s), principal, and/or support staff check in with the student(s) and monitor the safety plan put in place while at school. An open line of communication between school and home is maintained.

Bullying takes place out of school as well. Parents are asked to be part of the solution and reinforce at home what schools are doing to address bullying. Parents can help by talking with their children about bullying, knowing who their children’s friends are, monitoring the use of social media, and educating their children on ways to respond when they feel bullied.