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2021 Spring Keystone Exams

Pennsylvania Keystone Exams: 2020-2021

The Pennsylvania State Assessment System includes three Keystone Exams designed to measure end-of-course achievement in Algebra I, Literature, and Biology. These three Keystone Exams have been developed to provide information about student achievement and also meet federal requirements.

Because the Keystone Exams are designed to be end-of-course assessments, they are administered during the semester in which students complete each of the three courses. For students in the Scranton School District this means that testing is completed as follows:

  • Keystone Literature Exam—during the semester in which a 10thgrade student is taking an English 10 course.
  • Keystone Biology Exam—during the semester in which a 9th or 10thgrade student is taking a Biology course.
  • Keystone Algebra I Exam—during the semester in which a student in middle or high school completes an Algebra I course. Depending on an individual student’s math sequence, this Exam is most commonly administered in one of the middle level grades.

In addition, students who take a Keystone Exams but do not score at the proficient level may be retaking a Keystone Exam. These retakes are typically scheduled during the semester in which the student has a course in the same content area.  


2020-2021 Keystone Exam Testing Windows

Winter Algebra I

December 1 - December 15, 2020

Winter Biology & Literature

January 4 - January 15, 2021

Spring Literature,
Biology, & Algebra I

May 17 - June 25, 2021


2021 Spring Keystone Testing Windows

Algebra I

HS May 19/Int May 20-25 2021

For students enrolled in Algebra 1 & 1B


May 26, 2021

For students enrolled in English II


June 2, 2021

For students enrolled in Biology

Make-up Keystone

June 2-25, 2021



You can click this link for more information about Keystone testing.

You can find information regarding Keystone exams as a graduation requirement on the Pennsylvania Department of Education's website here.

Keystone Algebra I at the middle school:
Middle school students enrolled in an Algebra I course will take the Algebra I Keystone Exam in May. Ninth grade Geometry/Trig students who have not scored proficient or advanced on Algebra I Keystone Exam will be retaking the Exam during the May testing window.

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